A lot of work, pressure and heart came together to create the end result of Summerlight!
After 90 days we are finally proud to release the track and video to this amazing summer beach house track. It has a good chance of becoming a chart breaker.

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Vocal Recording

We recorded the first vocals in the studio on the 28th of May. We had such a good time together and Egzona is such a lovely and amazing person. We both came up with the idea of the text and in a short time, developed a bunch of ad-libs including the name summerlight. Summerlight really isn’t a word itself, but it became our new creation and we celebrated our summerlight. After two studio sessions we created the beat, the melody and we had a rough idea what we wanted to get this amazing final result.

Video Kick off

Just a few days later I kicked off the Video film project “Summerlight”. I created a strong team behind the project and I am so happy to have gotten the chance to work with vidream a second time. Raphael Baumann and Lukas Karl are the ones behind vidream and are now more than just friends. Both work in such a professional manner. They put all their energy and heart in their projects. It feels so comfortable and fascinating to be with them on the film set. Mellanie Lerch and Sarah Schweizer started to create a logistic plan and we set the date. We estimated that 6 Weeks would be enough time to bring everything together to be ready to film the video.


For the next 6 weeks we organized everything to be ready on time.

I created the storyboard and talked to a lot of actors. The mastering and mixing had to be done. We created a number of documents with all the funny gimmicks and supplies we needed. The location was key and we did had some ups and down regarding this point, but finally found a wonderful location. The Art Director and multi talent Henning Schulz became director and an important part of the project. He put lots of effort into this project and made some unbelievable important changes. He is a breathtaking person and I will never miss him at one of my future film sets!

Video Shooting

At the beginning we had some very bad luck. It was too overcast while shooting the first scenes. So there was absolutely no Summerlight at all! We used the day anyway to take a lot of shots and cast people for the next opportunity with sunlight. So we added three more days for shooting and finally got the sequences we needed to start the post production. The final result is amazing and we achieved another great music video before the album production 2015 – 2016 starts.

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Many thanks to the entire team for their stong engagement and fantastic work!