Prologue Title_0034612

It is so exciting to finally release the prologue. The Prologue is the “Story before the Story”!
A music video with a story… really? Yes, it feels important for me to tell the audience something about what I was thinking of while producing the sounds and working on the composition.

So What is the Story for Witch in Town

At the beginning of this song’s production, while I started to arrange the beat and the baseline, I was picturing witches… The exact picture was, witches running through all the little alleys of my hometown, Freiburg. I saw a slow motion picture in my mind of witches are chasing people and destroying stuff in the streets. As I went further with the production, I always kept this picture in my mind. The story was growing at the same time as the track itself.
Finally the track was finished in the middle of November 2014. I started to write down the story and began to create a powerful team to let this vision become a reality! Just two weeks after, we filmed the first shots and decided to create a prologue as well as the actual music video for the track.

Why a Prologue for a Music Clip

Because we want to… J Laugh… to be honest, my intent was to create a trailer for the track. One of my strong skills, besides EDM composing, is to create animations and sound designs for movie trailers. I think no company has enough money and time to create a trailer for a music track video these days. You might think we’re stupid to make so much effort just for a song… I don´t think so! First at all, we’re all improving our skills and our know-how for producing high quality products of any future projects. And the most important thing is, we love what we’re doing and we’re going to put our whole hearts into it. I think this makes a difference and this difference is what the audience is going to see in the end!

Release of Witch in Town

The new single has already been mixed and mastered in a professional mastering studio in London. The guys over there did a fantastic job and got everything running smoothly. The track had to be mixed for sure. And the result is stunning!
Most EDM sounds are like all the others. This track definitely not! Witch in Town is not like what you would expect in a typical dance track these days. The song is hard to categorise within the electronic dance music section, but it is indeed a dance floor burner in the club.